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Danforth’s Air Filtration Expert to Present on Indoor Air Quality Best Practices

Danforth’s Air Filtration Accounts Manager Rich Carrow will be presenting a webinar with Buildings Magazine titled “Indoor Air Quality Best Practices” on June 4 at 1 pm EST.

In today’s present world indoor air quality (IAQ) is a major priority when it comes to facility operations as well as building occupants. In this webinar, Rich will give an in-depth analysis to explain how new technologies and systems play a role in IAQ and summarize the best practices for IAQ to ensure a safe environment for all.

Items of discussion will include:

  • Components of IAQ
  • Measuring IAQ
  • Human impact on IAQ
  • HVAC Systems impact on IAQ
  • Common shortfalls in HVAC maintenance – determin mistakes to avoid
  • Best practices to managing your HVAC system

  • For more information or to register for this webinar, go to the Buildings Magazine website at and this webinar information will be located under the Education tab.

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