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Danforth Techniques Maximize Lighting & Reduce Energy Consumption

Danforth Techniques Maximize Lighting & Reduce Energy Consumption

Lighting is a major portion of a facility’s energy bill due to its continuous use. The need for light contributes to peak electrical demand each month. Our Team has techniques to maximize light while reducing energy consumption.

Taking the necessary steps to improve lighting efficiency will lead to longer lighting system life and lower energy costs due to the reduction of peak electrical demand. Our Team is experienced in both new builds and retrofits and can help improve your facility’s aesthetic appeal by providing more vibrant light, while reducing operating noise.

When it comes to lighting capabilities, Danforth’s in-house team paints a brighter picture for the customer by using our experience to provide options in design and installation. Our approach to lighting is simple. We observe your facility’s current conditions, analyze energy usage, and subsequently make recommendations that are practical and economically justified. We have expertise in such technology as occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and LED lighting systems. Our solutions are often self-funding through reduced energy bill paybacks.

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