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Danforth Power Division

Danforth Power Division

Danforth Power Division

Danforth’s Power Division is a full service mechanical contractor and fabricator for the power industry. We provide total services for new plant construction, existing plant modifications or repairs, and maintenance services. Our Team is dedicated to providing solutions that keep the lights on and the equipment running.

We provide an extensive collection of services that work together to help our customers reach their goals. Our Team’s expertise reaches from new power plant construction to regulatory compliance.

Power Plant Construction Services – We specialize in simple cycle and combine cycle new construction, boiler balancing, high energy piping modification and replacement, and hanger design and installation.

Engineering-Design Modeling – Utilizes a full service planning, estimating, and 3D modeling team using state of the art Novis Works technology. Our Team has extensive experience in flow sheet design and we offer this as a front end service prior to making recommendations and repairs.

Construction & Installation Safety – We have a comprehensive health, safety, and environmental plan as well as an associated safety manual that is issued to all employees. Along with this, our Team is rigorously trained on site and equipment safety and we belong to the LACC Consortium as well as being members of the Occupational Safety Council of America.

Shop Fabrication – When it comes to process systems, our Team has a wide range of experience in shop fabrication of skid-mounted equipment and the building of super spools for modular components of an entire power facility.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control – Our staff of quality assurance professionals brings over 20 years of experience in third party inspection, vendor surveillance, and site construction quality management. Our inspectors are available in all disciplines including welding, non-destructive testing, mechanical, civil, structural, and instrumentation.

Regulatory Compliance – We provide state regulated chemical and petroleum bulk storage site inspections, field maintenance, repairs, and new construction. We have developed a comprehensive and detailed construction deliverables and turnover method that serves both our customers and regulatory authorities.

Our Power Division takes a holistic approach to power plant service. We believe consistency is essential to producing high quality power plant solutions. By combining our expertise with our resources, we are able to be involved with our customers from start to finish and beyond. We belong to many national associations and have agreements with many local union halls throughout the United States to better serve our customers from coast to coast.

Danforth Power Division Sell Sheet

Danforth Power Division Sell Sheet

This sell sheet outlines the capabilities of our Power Division, showcasing Danforth’s expertise in Power Plant Equipment Design, Fabrication and Installation.

Danforth Power Division Sell Sheet.pdf (143KB)

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