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Danforth Cleanroom & Laboratory Services

Danforth Cleanroom & Laboratory Services

Danforth Cleanroom & Laboratory Services

Danforth offers Cleanroom and Laboratory Design, Construction and Certification Services in New York State, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Cleanrooms and Laboratories play a critical role in maintaining contamination-free production environments for critical processes. These spaces are designed to contain hazardous or non-hazardous materials such as pathogens, biological agents, and chemicals so they do not reach the outside world. Critical Environment Design and construction expertise is essential in providing a safe, clean, and efficient work space.

From the Design-Build phase to Commissioning, Certification, and Maintenance, Danforth’s expertise and full-service capabilities deliver distinct advantages to our clients. We perform Cleanroom and Equipment certifications and we also offer repair and service.

Danforth assembles multiple components of Cleanroom and Laboratory services onto a single, seamless team. This benefits our customers by providing consistent service from Engineering and Construction to Certification and Repair. This leads to Macroscopic solutions that incorporate the structure, equipment, and supporting systems into a single package that works together to provide a safe working environment free of contaminants. For more information, visit our comprehensive Cleanroom & Laboratory website.

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